What do we do?

Flourishing Mentalities Films & Games: Film and game development focused on connecting with and creating engaging and entertaining content that enlighten and inspire people through the healing process – healing hearts and minds, relationships and communities.  Reviewing films and games for flourishing mentality concepts and connecting people to the gems in the film and game industry.

Academy of Flourishing Mentalities: Connecting individuals and communities to content and creators that will help them build their own mentalities and milestones that lead to thriving in life.  Providing consultation with organizations and communities around educational opportunities, content, and materials to address key issues regarding the needs of their people.

Content Development and Library: The creative content team researches and develops a library of resources, art, music, and more to inspire, educate and enlighten your mind in your journey towards improved mental, emotional and social health.

Social Action: A refuge for people, a refuge for all living creatures.  Our goal is to create spaces where all living creatures can find refuge from the storms of life and flourish in the beauty of renewal after the storm. Nourishment of body, mind, soul. Nurtured connection to self and others.