What are we about?

A Greenhouse for Healthy Minds

Flourishing Mentalities is dedicated to creating engaging and enlightening content and courses that improve lives by educating and inspiring the people who live them.

Films and stories can be so much more than entertainment. Through fictional characters, we can not only be transported to new and interesting lands, but also through processes of positive change.

The film industry has done well at shining a light on difficult topics.The hope is to take that a step further into demonstrating how to move through them into a healthier and satisfying life.

Psychological and social change is desperately needed in our world today. People are struggling. Depression and Anxiety rates are increasing.  Nurturing social relationships is diminishing while isolation rises.

When the online community can teach artificial intelligence to despise the human race in less than a day, we need to worry. That online culture is blurring it’s way into the daily social psyche.

We hope to shift societal norms towards healthy relationships and a positive future.